Horse Therapy Services

Equine assisted therapy Brisbane

We are proud to operate a uniquely different experience than any other traditional riding school.

Our whole-istic approach to working with horses is what sets us apart!


Our team of experienced ‘horse people’ happily share all they know about horses and horse riding with you.  The riding component of the programs are delivered by qualified riding instructors.

Current Service Offerings


Participants are engaged each session with skill building and learning strategies that are both fun and hard work, fostering personal growth and teamwork.

 Volunteer components are included in these sessions around the H.E.A.R.T facility and are primarily focused on the personal care of the horses and farm animals such as grooming, feeding and socialising.

 For a detailed outline of the program please contact us.


The opportunity to lease a horse is available by application.  Leasing a horse is a great way to learn all there is about owning a horse is a safe and supported environment with a community of likeminded people all sharing the care and responsibility.  Leasing a horse also includes participation as a volunteer.

How horses and participation in our programs can help you:

  • fostering protective factors which reduce the risk of poor life outcomes, and increase resilience in young people
  • creating opportunities for young people at risk (of mental health issues, disengagement from school/work/family, involvement in the youth justice system) to interact prosocially with their peers and alongside mainstream kids
  • creating opportunities for marginalised people to get active, feel valued, and share in a sense of community
    • offering supervised volunteer, return to work and peer mentoring programs for young people, to share skills and participate in meaningful activity, working on the land and with animals.
  • encouraging young people to build interpersonal skills and self-confidence
    • through activities which require team work
    • reducing distress associated with more direct social skills interventions by using the horses and farm work as a common focus
  • delivering affordable access to skills-based (horsemanship) and health focused (equine assisted learning, farm therapy) activities which promote physical as well as mental wellbeing and a sense of mastery
  • applying animal-assisted learning principles; that is, every Horses In Mind activity is viewed as an opportunity to teach adaptive skills which are transferable to daily life
    • Emotional awareness and regulation
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Distress tolerance
    • Flexibility
    • Problem solving skills
    • Independence and responsibility